The True Life in Ancient Egypt

The landmark of mysteries

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WWhen we talk about Egypt, we imagine wealth, luxury, power, tombs, sphinx, mummies, pyramids, slaves, and the pleasant life of the pharaohs & gods. The Last but not the least buzzword is “Aliens.” Ancient Egypt is the landmark of mysteries and the kingdom of pharaohs. The mysteries revolve around its origin, religion and culture, and magnificent architectural feats such as tombs, pyramids & sphinx.

It would be intellectually unjust if I will not mention other contemporary civilizations here.

The rivers gave birth to civilizations.

Mesopotamian Civilization

Photo: Mariusz Matuszewski from Pixabay

Mesopotamian civilization existed on the fertile land midway between rivers, Tigris and Euphrates.-Mesopotamia itself mean between two rivers.

Ancient regional geography locates Mesopotamia in the southeast by the Arabian peninsula & northeast by Zagros mountain — a wide range in turkey Iraq and Iran.

Indus civilization

Ruins of Mohen Jo Daro~Wikimedia Common

Indus civilization, the urban culture of the Indian subcontinent (India-Pakistan), the earlier settlements may have been small towns, plus two large cities, Harappa and Moan Jo Daro.

Indus river plain is surrounded by desert, oceans, and giant mountains, and in ancient times deep forests and swamps existed on the eastern side.

The outline of the Indus valley extended from Balochistan northeast up to Kashmir, and then swept southeast down to Delhi and Mumbai, crossing the desert Thar.

It covered majorly Pakistan, extended to the western side of India, and nearly touched Afghanistan and Iran.

These civilizations had similar components, social structures, irrigation systems & agriculture.

Indus & Mesopotamia are two of the earliest ancient civilizations which are based on…



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