Torrential Monsoon Rains That Led to Worse Flood Disaster In Pakistan

Flood in Sindh-Nasa Earth Observatory

Melting glaciers from the Himalayas, and heavy monsoon rains have triggered floods that have affected 33 million people, 15% of the 220 million population.

The ongoing melting of Pakistan’s 7,000 glaciers has intensified the impact of the monsoon rains.

The southern and central parts of Pakistan are hardly impacted by the floods, especially Balochistan and Sindh provinces but also Punjab and KP are the hardest hit.

More than one-third of Pakistan is plunged into the water. Sindh and Balochistan provinces are highly affected by it.

In Pakistan,72 districts are declared the hardest-hit districts. Baluchistan & Sindh have received 5 to 6 times more rainfall than 30 years’ avg rainfall.


Before and After the flood in Qambar Sindh-Nasa Earth Observatory

Indus River system authority released water from dams because of the danger of an enormous water influx that exceeded the capacity of reservoirs.

Water engulfed the southern region, the district of Qambar and Shikarpur province, and turned plains into the sea.

In July and August, Qambar and Shikarpur provinces received 500% more than average rainfall.

Before and After the flood in Shikarpur Sindh-Nasa Earth Observatory

Estimated Loss in Pakistan due to flood disaster

1) Affected People 33 Million

2) Deaths 1,191 people, Injured 3,554

3) Displaced: 480,030 people,

4) Property damage: $10 Billion (Source)

This is the general scenario of most of the regions in Pakistan. Govt has declared a national emergency as a major Humanitarian Crisis.

They requested international aid for humanitarian flood relief.

Plenty of countries, companies, organizations, and philanthropists are donating millions of dollars in times of crisis for the welfare of human lives. Thanks to them.

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