Let it Go!

Rabinder Kumar
1 min readJan 17
Author (Himself) at Pecs Cathedral, 2020

“Don’t try and resuscitate your tea in the microwave. It’s dead. Let it go.”

Amazing wise words by someone…

Everything that happened good or worse, exciting or depressing in 2022, dump there. Let it Go!

Forget the past regrets and emotional burdens!

Embrace the present with compassion, enthusiasm, and strong mindset.

This year, the present is where you should (or I say must) craft a new story, sing a new ballad, and paint a new picture of your life.

Do something productive and meaningful for the sake of the future, and you have to make it count.

No matter how high the tides are, we should keep sailing and making our boats stronger than ever before.

Rabinder Kumar

Note to my readers:-

I have not been actively writing stories as I used to before. It is because of a crisis in life. Thank you for supporting me and loving my stories. Once I am out of this stuck situation and the downs of life. I will return with boom and bang stories! Stay tuned and blessed! :)



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