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Rich cat
Image by Allange from Pixabay

Every person who is reading this story must have plenty of dreams and ambitions in his/her mind.

But one thing is common in every person (including me) which is to achieve financial stability or the goal to become a rich person.

Would you mind? if your bank account is fully loaded with 7 or 8 digits figures in dollars.

Of course not! No one would mind that.

To achieve financial mastery you need a lot of struggle, punctuality, a strategic mind, an idea(which is the main core), consistency, patience, and self-trust.

Yes, I know that you all are familiar with…

Stalin in 1936
Source: Wiki commons

Humans and Chimpanzees are closely related primates. They share 95% of their DNA sequence and 99% of DNA coding leads to speculation that there are chances of Hybrid.

In the mid of 1920s, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to rebuild the Red Army by crossing humans with apes. Like Planet-of-the-Apes-style troops.

In World War II, Stalin funded a project to create “Super Warriors or Super Humans” by having women Impregnant by Gorillas.

Stalin ordered Russia’s top animal breeding scientist Ilya Ivanov to use his skills to produce a super warrior.

It was the Soviet dictator’s dream that ‘I want a…

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

There are numerous reasons why developers or IT professionals don't like working with recruiters.

Let’s discuss 4 main reasons why developers don’t like Recruiters.

  1. Lack of Technical Knowledge
  2. Don’t Disclose Enough Information
  3. Bulk Emails
  4. Lack of research

1. Lack of Technical Knowledge

The first reason, recruiters don’t have enough technical knowledge if you compare it to a person. For Example, A hiring manager who has a strong IT background. For that person, it is easy to find developers in meetups or communities. It’s feasible to interview them or analyze them because they can make distinctive communication.

But for a recruiter who does not have this…

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

Regular physical activity can make big difference in your life. It is not like, you have to do hard weight lifting exercises or gym workouts. Basically, physical activity is anything that gets your body moving.

If you are engaging in exercises on regular basis, it will give your plenty of health benefits, such as reducing chronic problems, boosting daily energy level, and improving work productivity.

How much activity do I need?

Terracotta funerary plaque
Terracotta funerary plaque (Public Domain)

In this story, you will see the 4 beautiful crowned skulls with gold and engraved flowers. These are the skulls of two little girls, and two women who were commoners from the Greek period.

Before dwelling into captivating skulls. Let’s have a little touch of historical background.

In Ancient Greek Art, you will find a strong association with burials as a reflection of Ancient Greek Culture. Greeks believed that dying unwept is worse than death itself.

Ancient Greek connection with the afterlife and ceremonies linked with burial was well established by the 6th Century BC.

In fact, some Ancient literary…

Source: Pinterest

A few days ago, I read a post on social media about “Lipstick Day.” (29th of July) It robustly intrigued me to do research and write about it.

I know some of you might think that how absurd or silly the article’s title “The History of Lipstick” may sound.

Well, it is what it is…

I would like to share history about the origin of lipstick. How it was considered in different empires and eras with my fellow readers. so If you are still reading we can hop up after this quote.

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she…

Person is being hanged
Public Domain

In my life no matter how stuck or f***ed I am in the crisis or depressed, sad and broken. I have never thought of committing suicide for a second.

Different people might have different opinions on this matter. But If we go one century back the suicide was a crime in the 19th century.

It was illegal to commit suicide in England and Wales until 1961.

If caught, the person gets a handsome fine, sent to prison for 1 to 6 months, and Prosecution by hanging.

On this subject, data represents that in 1956, around 5400 failed suicide attempts were…

Komarov’s wife kissing his portrait during his state funeral. Roscosmos via NPR
Komarov’s wife kissing his portrait during his state funeral. Roscosmos via NPR

On April 24, 1967, Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov crashed into the ground, when he tried to return to Earth from his space mission on Soyuz I.

Unfortunately, the main parachute on his spacecraft capsule failed to open during his landing. And he became the first man to die in the history of human spaceflight missions.

Vladimir Komarov was an intelligent Soviet Cosmonaut. But now he was remembered best for his death title —as “The Man Who Fell From Space.”

The Soyuz I accident happened just 3 months after the Apollo 1 tragedy that killed 3 American astronauts during a launch…

Business Plan Description
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Most of the entrepreneur whether he or she owns a big company or small business believes that their business is built on the pillars of hard work, passion, consistency, and ingenuity.

Yes! that’s right.

But starting a successful company always requires one more crucial ingredient: Money.

An influx of money allows you to make new changes in your company that can take your business to another level.

And for that fundraising is essential for businesses that want to steep up; the money assists you to hire more staff, spread your workspace, do productive development, run ads & marketing campaigns, and…

Photo by Miguel Ángel Sanz on Unsplash / Edited by Author on Canva

After the deep impact of the coronavirus pandemic, different companies are boomeranging and trying to pick up the same pace. Crypto enthusiasts are seeking to spend their digital coins traveling abroad.

The high volatility in cryptocurrencies and the recent market crash have raised alarming concerns among blockchain and crypto investors and industries.

“The world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency (OTA) found that 38% of Americans plan to travel in the summer of 2021. And found an increased desire among people to use cryptocurrencies to pay for their vacations” — Report

Crypto Tourism

In 2018–19, several tourism companies arranged special travel programs for…

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