Iran-Pakistan Pipeline And Threat of $18 Billion

Rabinder Kumar
2 min readMay 27, 2023

A Short Update

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The Iran-Pakistan Project, the pipeline stretches 2,775 km between both countries, which is still under construction with major debt setbacks.

Route from the Iranian side: The pipeline starts from #Asalouyeh to #Iranshahr and 270 towards the Iran-Pak border.

From Pakistan Side: It will pass through Baluchistan ( Khuzdar) and Sindh. (Karachi) some pipelines will be linked to Multan, then further extended to Delhi. (if it ever happened )

Pakistan will be receiving 750 million cubic feet of gas on a daily basis, once the pipeline is constructed. Enough to curb inflation and price hikes and meet demands such as electricity, gas, and common goods.

Iran has wrapped up construction of part of their territory, from gas fields to the Pakistan border.

On Pakistan's side, the project has been delayed due to the same obvious reasons: political instability, weak GDP strata, agreement breach/delays, and inter-organizational conundrum.

Recent news from Iranian media Dawn News, that Iran has questioned Pakistani officials on the recent update about the pipeline project.

Iran could give a large penalty of $18 Billion If Pakistan is failed to complete this pipeline project on its territory by March 2024.

7 to 8 months will decide whether Pakistan will soar and tackle this situation, or jump on the economic cliff to a downside slump of debt.

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