Solar Panels Over Parking Lots-New Rule by French Senate

Rabinder Kumar
2 min readNov 11, 2022
Disneyland Paris - Photo by Jay Black on Unsplash

French government passes a bill that will install Solar Panels on Parking lots.

France is essentially dependent on nuclear power. It produced 25% of electricity in 2021 via renewable energies which are low share w.r.t other EU states. It is the only country not to meet EU obligatory criteria for developmental renewable energies.

So Government has implemented robust law to advance the renewable energy sector. The half of parking lot will be covered by solar panels. Off-free ways and major routes parking, lots could produce up to 11 gigawatts- which is equal to 10 nuclear reactors.

The French government is also considering building solar farms on bare land near railway tracks, agricultural areas, and highways. It is a brilliant initiative to reduce energy purchases.

It seems like a productive use of parking lots, as it will provide a roof to the cars and be environmentally friendly.

Solar panels parking lots are uncommon but there are a few examples :

Parking lot zoo in Belgium, 6200 planted solar panels generate 20 megawatts of power.

Disneyland Paris is also building 17 mega-watt solar parking lot.



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