What Makes You Unique

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There are 7.7 billion people living on earth. We all come into the categories of masses, herds, or crowds who are residing in different countries from different geography around the world.

As the data of January 2013 says, The total global population is 7,059,837,187. Only 0.000086 fractions of people are famous or notable on the planet.

I wonder sometimes What makes them separate or notable from the masses?

I think the answer is pretty simple. They are doing something different and uncommon that demark them from crowds.

Studies show that simple changes to our everyday routine enhance and boost our creativity level. All it needs is a little spark of unusualness.

Jump out from your comfort warm circle, feel the cold breeze. Do something unusual.

1. The Power of Unusualness and Creativity.

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The power of unusualness can have a deep impact on our creativity. A simple task like taking a different road to work make a little difference in our life. It breaks the momentum of our boring routine and changes our biorhythm.

As a writer, unusual might mean choosing alternate words to express your thoughts with clarity.

If I talk about myself, I am not stuck with any particular niche. I always explore new areas that fascinate me, and later I give words to those thoughts and information in my own style.

I always experiment to bring the best out of my skills. For you it could be anything, for example, as a musician, you can play a new instrument.

Unusual could also mean trying a new restaurant or drink, doing a new exercise or dance move. Just do something that you don’t do regularly.

Unsualness and Our Brain

Yes! When you try something uncommon such as learning new skills or sports, your brain and body are challenged.

It shocks your brain’s neurotransmitters and puts it into active mode. The brain makes a new connection, so whenever you give a signal to your brain, you increase your chances to get creative outcomes.

2. Don’t Be the Slave of Your Routine

As you get old, you will drown in the loophole of routine which will corrode your creativity and make your life boring.

Personally, I don’t want to be a slave to a boring routine. I love things that excite me, a little adventure, thrill, affinity for learning new things, curiosity to unravel the materialistic mysteries of the universe inside and outside of me.

That’s why every day, I am learning something new, writing something different, doing something unique.

Make the cocktail of your brain chemicals, and spark the fire of creativity.

Rabinder Kumar

November 2021

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